Automate Your COD Refunds

Save time and effort by automating your COD refund with Cashfree Integration on Shipway’s panel.

Shipway Return Automation System

Branded return page

Returns pick-up automation 

One-click refund

Seamless exchange 

How automated COD refunds work?

  • Customer requests for a product refund.
  • Order Pickup > Quality Check > Approved by Warehouse.
  • Generate a refund in one-click against the refund amount.
  • Refund will be received into customers’ pre-filled account details (Bank Account, UPI ID, Paytm, Debit/Credit Card)

How to get started?

Step -1

Register to Shipway panel

Sign Up Here

Step -2

Integrate Cashfree

Returns > Integrations > Third Party Integrations > Cashfree

Step -3

Enter Cashfree Account Details

If you don’t have a Cashfree account. Register Here.

Step - 4

Save settings and Enable COD auto refunds

Advantages of Shipway & Cashfree integrations 

  • Make your refund process smooth, user-friendly, and accurate.
  • Make an instant refund to avoid transaction void.
  • Achieve better operational efficiency.
  • Enhance customer experience.
  • Works even on bank holidays.

Shipway helped us to monitor and track our returns in the easiest possible way to reduce our return related customer service traffic by 30%.

Thanks Shipway for making our return management (refund and exchange process) simplified and reduce burden of manual request creation to 0.

Rashi Narang

Creative Director