According to data, around 84% of shoppers will avoid buying from a brand that has a troublesome return process. Therefore, all eCommerce brands should focus on streamlining their return process. And how to do that? The answer is- by using efficient Returns management software. 

Returns management software is essential for eCommerce businesses to handle the process of receiving, inspecting, and processing customer returns. The most effective returns management software can simplify the return process, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. With the right returns management software, e-commerce businesses can ensure a smooth and seamless return experience for their customers.

So, are you ready? If yes, take a quick look at our list of the best returns management software for eCommerce businesses!

1. Shipway Refunds & Exchange

Shipway Returns is an automated refunds & exchange management solution that helps e-commerce businesses manage their returns process. It provides a comprehensive platform for tracking returns, automating order-related communications with customers, and streamlining the return and refund process.


  • Offers a simple and user-friendly branded return page that allows customers to initiate across multiple orders. 
  • Provides real-time tracking information, allowing customers to keep track of their returns at every step of the process
  • Merchants can reject/approve refund requests, offer a one-click exchange of products with other variants, specify categories that can’t be returned, and more
  • API integration with all major carriers for reverse pick-up. Moreover, it also offers quality-check option
  • Shipway returns feature automated cod/prepaid refund processing, ensuring that customers receive their refunds as quickly as possible without delays

2. LoopReturns

The next returns management software on our list is LoopReturns. It is an innovative platform that helps eCommerce brands optimize their e-commerce business by providing real-time insights into their customer’s shopping habits.


  • Offers Reasons for Returns form that will keep you updated about the actual reasons.
  • Instant exchange approval and exchange credit process
  • Integrated with various third-party platforms 
  • Merchants can offer customers a refund, store credit, and gift vouchers


3. AfterShip Returns Center

AfterShip Returns Center is an easy-to-use returns management solution designed to help businesses streamline their returns process. With AfterShip Returns Center, businesses can create custom return policies, manage return requests, and more.


  • Lets you make custom return policies for your business 
  • Manage return requests from customers and track the progress of each request
  • Has an easy-to-use self-service portal to initiate returns and track their progress
  • Generate reports and analyze data to gain insights into your returns process. 
  • Integrated with third-party platforms such as Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce


4. Return Rabbit 

Return Rabbit is another popular returns management software that helps businesses manage and track their returns.  It offers automated returns processing, tracking, and reporting capabilities. 


  • Enables businesses to create custom return policies and manage returns across multiple channels
  • Offers a comprehensive dashboard to track returns and analyze return trends 
  • Integrated with popular eCommerce platforms and shipping carriers
  • Businesses can set up automated email notifications for customers and staff


5. ReturnLogic

ReturnLogic is a software platform designed to help businesses streamline their returns process. It simplifies the process of managing returns and refunds, helping businesses save time, money, and resources. 


  • Offers an automated returns processing system that streamlines the entire returns process, from initial customer contact to final refund or exchange
  • Provides real-time tracking of returns, so customers can track the status of their return at any time
  • Automates the refund process, so customers can receive their refunds quickly and easily
  • Offers fraud detection to help protect businesses from fraudulent returns Provides detailed reporting to help eCommerce brands to track and analyze their returns


6. Return Prime

The last returns management software that eCommerce brands can use is Return Prime. This useful tool can help businesses to get insight into why people are returning or exchanging products, and smoothly manage all sorts of returns.


  • Offers a powerful dashboard to capture all the refund and exchange orders
  • Automates the process of approving return requests
  • Integrated with famous shipping providers like Delhivery, Blue Dart, and more
  • Provides analytics and reports about all return orders that can give you an insight into the performance of your products and shipping providers.


7. EcoReturns

Driven by artificial intelligence, EcoReturns is a highly rated returns management solution. It is a standout option for online retailers aiming to minimize the environmental and economic impact of returns while streamlining the returns process.


  • Offers hassle-free swapping for product variants or any catalog item
  • Provides real-time updates on returns with instant email or text notifications
  • Get Access to high-end return analytics that points out return reasons and more.

Final Takeaway

All the above-listed refunds & exchange management software can easily get rid of your returns related issues. So, try the one that suits your requirements and get ready to enhance your CLV (Customer lifetime value)!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is refunds & exchange management software?

Refunds & exchange management software is a specialized software solution designed to help businesses manage the returns of products. Some of the software that you can use are Shipway Returns, Aftership Returns Centre, and more.

Q. Which is the best refunds & exchange management software for small or medium eCommerce businesses?

Shipway: an all-in-one shipping automation platform is the best refunds & exchange management software, be it a small, medium, or large eCommerce business.

Q. How do you manage eCommerce refunds & exchange?

Some of the best ways to manage eCommerce refunds & exchange are listed below-

  • Establish a clear refunds & exchange policy
  • Invest in a good returns system
  • Automate the refunds & exchange process
  • Keep customers informed

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