The order picking process is a critical step to complete the order fulfillment process. With no or wrong picklist in hand can lead you to send the wrong products to customers, wasting packaging and shipping costs.

Organize your inventory picking process with Ezyslips

We have introduced a new function on our Ezyslips dashboard that will allow you to automatically create and print your picklist.

To get started you need to follow few steps:

Step 1 – Login to Ezyslips

Step 2 – Settings > Go To Print Picklist Settings

Step 3 – Select the download format (PDF or CSV) for printing the picklist and Save it.

Step 4 РSelect the orders > Click on Print Picklist on Dashboard > Select the list format Рproduct-wise or order-wise picklist  > Click on Print Picklist again to download the picklist.

Step 5 – Print the downloaded file.

This is how your picklist will look.

Product-wise Picklist

Order-wise Picklist

You can use the downloaded version of the picklist as your digital document or use the printed picklist as a physical document.