Doorstep quality check at the time of return pick-up has become very important nowadays as it reduces the overall return turnaround time, operational costs, etc.

So, to help you more with customer satisfaction we want to inform you that you can now perform doorstep quality checks at the time of return pick-up with Xpressbees, our existing carrier partner for reverse shipment. 

What do you need to do?

Step 1 – Login to Ezyslips 

Step 2 – Settings > Courier Integrations > Integrate Xpressbees

Step 3 – Returns > Return Approved > Generate reverse pick-up > Select Carrier > Xpressbees

Step 4 – Choose “Open Reverse” for QC at the pick-up

Step 5 – Select QC text capture as “Yes” to define the label and value for the order.

This predefined label will make it easy for the delivery guy to check if the product is genuine or not.

You are good to go with your doorstep quality checks at the time of reverse pick-up.