In 2022, the influencer marketing industry achieved a total worth of $16.4 billion. 

Moreover, 93% of marketers have used influencer marketing in their campaigns, and it’s now considered a key advertising strategy.

Influencer marketing is here to stay. In 2023, brands will focus more on it for catching the eye of customers. 

And, why shouldn’t they? Influencers are the game changers, and audiences blindly follow them. 

So, why are you missing out on them? Buckle up as we have come up with a list of the most popular Influencer Marketing platforms that you should try in 2023!

1. Qoruz

Famed for its Search wizard feature, Qoruz is one of the best influencer marketing platforms in India. You can easily search influencers according to their category, brand mentions, and bio. Isn’t this the perfect feature? 


  • Category & Platform Search
  • Campaign Planner
  • Campaign Reporting
  • Influencer Analysis
  • Detailed Reports

Famous Brands that use Qoruz– MG, Swiggy, Loreal Paris, Edelman, ITC, and more

2. Klear

The last and one of the most used influencer marketing platforms is Klear.   Brands can easily connect with influencers and choose the right fit for their marketing strategy with this platform.


  • Find Influencers
  • Influencer Analytics
  • Manage Relationships
  • Activate Influencers
  • Measure Campaigns

Famous Brands that use Klear- Kayak, Estee Lauder, Microsoft, IMG, and more

3. Grin

Known as the #1 creator management platform, Grin is the first on our list of the best influencer marketing platform that is focused on helping eCommerce brands build more authentic and brand-boosting relationships.


  • Relationship Management
  • Discover & Recruit
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Content Management
  • Product Seeding
  • Payments
  • Integrates with your entire marketing stack

Popular Brands Using Grin- Vera Bradley, Ipsy, Loreal, Everlane, Cuts, Olaplex, Conair, and more

4. is a one-stop influencer marketing platform that connects brands and creators. It has a vast collection of micro and macro influencers & famous brands that can collaborate and earn profits.


  • Content Amplification
  • Audience & Influencer Analysis
  • Influencer Lifecycle Management & Influencer Relationship Management
  • Campaign Reporting & Campaign Management

Popular Brands Using– Walmart, Veritree, Colgate, Vista, Freeyumm, and more

5. offers a partnership management platform to optimize and expand connections with influencers, affiliates, publishers, and mobile apps. 


  • Influencer Content Amplification
  • Influencer Relationship Management & Influencer Marketplace
  • Team Collaboration Tools
  • Content Review & Content Library
  • Campaign Management & Campaign Reporting
  • Influencer Analysis
  • Payment Processing

Popular Brands that Use Adidas, eBay, Hubspot, Lenovo, Coach, and more

6. Upfluence 

Are you looking for a platform that can help you with affiliate & influencer marketing platform both? If yes, then Upfluence is the right fit for you. All eCommerce and direct-to-consumer brands can use it for enhancing their customer base.


  • Influencer Search & Discovery
  • Campaign & Relationship Management
  • Third-Party Analytics
  • Influencer Lifecycle Management
  • Content Review& Audience Analysis
  • Campaign Reporting
  • E-commerce Tools
  • Payment Processing

Popular Brands that Use- Amazon, Basics, Farfetch, Universal, Marriott, Keen & more


We have listed all the most popular influencer marketing platforms. Now, you can choose the one according to your needs and leverage influencer marketing for building a memorable brand image.

Did you know the success of your campaign also depends on how many ways you promote it? In fact, apart from influencer marketing, brands also go for WhatsApp marketing for reaching out to customers. Want to know more? Let us help you out!

Frequently Asked Questions about Influencer Marketing

Q. What is influencer marketing?

A. Influencer marketing is a form of marketing in which a brand collaborates with a social media influencer to promote its products or services to the influencer’s followers, who are potential customers of the brand.

Q. Which are the most popular influencer marketing platforms?

A. Some of the most popular influencer marketing platforms are Grin,, and Upfluence.

Q. Which are the best influencer marketing platforms in India?

A. Qoruz and Klear are the best influencer marketing platforms in India. 

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