Ezyslips brings you an automated platform to process your Amazon orders along with other channels in one panel with ease.

Here, we will tell how an Amazon seller can automate the order processing through Ezyslips panel.

As a seller on Amazon, you must know it has three kinds of shipping models – Self Ship, Easy Ship, and fulfilled by Amazon(FBA).

Self-ship: From this word self-ship, it is understood that the merchant is responsible for all the processes including shipping. Only you receive the order from your seller account. When you are processing Self-ship orders you must have carrier accounts such as Fedex, Delhivery, Bluedart, Aramex, Ecom Express etc or aggregators accounts like Shiprocket, Pickrr, Shyplite etc

Easy Ship: Under this process, merchants need to take care of all the eCommerce back-office operations, and only Amazon will ship your product using Amazon transportation service( ATS).

Fulfilled by Amazon: Under this process, only you need to send your inventory to the Amazon fulfillment centers.

How to process your Amazon orders and self-ship with Ezyslips:

Ezyslips helps you integrate your amazon account with the carrier partners and that integration helps you automate the complete order management and fulfillment process.

Here are the steps to do it:

1. Auto import orders from Amazon:-

Ezyslips helps you sync all your orders by using filters, such as,

  • Prime Orders 
  • Business Orders 
  • Premium Orders 

    Or you can sync orders 

    • Fulfilled By Amazon 
    • Fulfilled by the seller

    2. Auto-assign orders to the carriers :-

    You can allocate your orders according to the weight, service availability, and service types.

    3. Automatic push backs:- 

    Once you have assigned the tracking numbers you can easily push back the tracking information with all the details back into Amazon, not only saving lot of time but also improving the chances of getting good reviews. 

      4. Post Shipping experience:-

    Once you have shipped your Amazon orders, you can send tracking updates to your customers with the help of Shipway and once the order is delivered you can also ask them for reviews which again will boost the number of reviews on your Amazon listings and boost your sales even further.

    How to process your Amazon orders and easy-ship with Ezyslips:

    Ezyslips helps you link your Amazon account to Amazon transport service(ATS) with a one-click integration process.

    With this integration, you can automate your order processing with Amazon Transport service(ATS).

    Why self-ship/Easyship with Ezyslips:

    1. Easy integration with Amazon
    2. One-click integration with carrier partners.
    3. Automatic pushback to Amazon account
    4. Fraud order detection
    5. NDR management panel
    5. Return management
    6. Tracking and notifications.

    For more information, please write to us at contact@ezyslips.com.