Returns are a great cause of distress for all eCommerce merchants be it struggling with an increased return rate or managing it.

As the festive season is coming near this distress will also go higher. People will order fashionable clothing and footwear from your eCommerce stores, which concludes the highest return percentage. With the higher-order volume on your online store, you will also receive increased returns for fashion products and accessories. 

Are you ready for the upcoming festive season and the alongside returns?

Have you upgraded your return management system?

Look returns as an opportunity

Returns might be the most distressful segment to manage among all the eCommerce operations but you can always look at the return as an opportunity.

Have a look over some stats, 

  • Brands that offer free returns and a longer returns period see a profit increase of up to 20%.
  • 92% of shoppers will buy again if the returns process is easy.
  • 95% of a great return experience drives loyalty and repeat purchases.
  • 82% returns are likely to be the best customers or repeat shoppers.

So, why not turn in these returns for your benefit.

Work on Customer’s Expectations from the Return Process

  • Easy return request form.
  • Rapid turnaround time.
  • On-time refund.
  • Regular updates for the brand.
  • Amazon/Myntra type return experience.

Move over from the traditional method of return management that involves processing return requests over email and call. The traditional method is an everlasting technique to manage returns as it takes around or more than a month. If you are still stuck with this method, then you need to upgrade your system.

Or if you are a start-up and think you don’t receive many returns, it might be good for you now but as your business will grow it will be difficult for you to manage the increased return customer traffic through customer support.

Move towards automation.

Where does automation help in the return management system?

Automation is an easy way to manage and resolve return-related customer queries. It allows you to control and manage the returns right from the beginning by allowing you to create a DIY return portal where customers can place their return requests.

On a centralized return management system, you can easily generate return labels and reverse pick-ups.

The automated return management system also enables you to reduce the total turnaround time for the return process to 7-8 days, 2-3 days to process refunds, and 4-5 to process exchange with exchange variant.

Advantages of an automated return management system

  • Efficient and effortless management of return requests
  • Improved return operations
  • Reduced return turnaround time
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased customer retention

Return management system for your eCommerce.

With Ezyslips, you can have a Self-service portal for returns/exchange, Automatic schedule reverse pickup with QC, Automatic refunds/replacements, Seamless integration with Shopify, Magento, etc. and notify customers at each step. 

  • Upto 70% reduction in turnaround time for the end-to-end  return process