In this era of online shopping, the primary concern of an online store owner is to fulfill his customers’ orders. The order process starts when the customer places an order and it ends when the order is successfully delivered at his doorstep at a proper condition within the stipulated time. This seems like a simple process but it can turn quite complex. Various factors decide whether the shipping process would be easy or not. The complications of the shipping process depend on the location of the businessman’s store, the size of the ordered item, the location of the customer and on various factors like these. When the online store owners keep the option of returning items open then the complications get more severe.

In case the business owner finds it difficult to manage his orders on his own and thinks that his business has grown beyond his capability of management then he should consider the possibility of outsourcing some functions of his company to a 3PL provider or a third-party logistics provider.

The term third-party logistics consists of three different parties: one is the owner of the business, next is the provider of logistics and the last is the shipping carrier. In simpler terms, a third-party logistics provider offers shipping services to various companies who cannot manage their entire business on their own.

In most of the cases, a 3PL gets integrated into the main company’s transportation process and its inventory storage. Instead of storing, packing and shipping orders all by themselves a company can choose to hire a 3PL service provider to do these things for it. The 3PL possesses its own storage space and also various assets for transportation and it uses them to ship the business owner’s products by working from a location that is remote. By giving the responsibility of shipping management to a third-party logistics provider companies can focus more on their business and how they can grow them in a better way.

A 3PL can provide customized services to its clients. Given the fact that each online business owners’ demand is different from the other, it is only natural that the third-part logistics service providers have to be dynamic enough. The primary services that a 3PL provides are warehouse storage, management of inventory, distribution of inventory, picking up items and packing them, freight forwarding, shipping the products and also helping in reverse logistics. When you will be signing a contract with a 3PL you will have the authority to customize the services in accordance with your business needs. An experienced 3PL service provider will be able to customize their services for both small and large business needs.

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