In this rapidly growing eCommerce Market, the one thing that helps you stand apart from your peers is your website’s design & user experience.

If you are starting your online business or looking to replace your existing Shopify store theme to give your store a brand new look; then these free Shopify themes can be the best available option.

They are an ideal blend of aesthetics, better user experience, and improved functionality which you would require while scaling your store.

So, without any delay, let’s start with the list of the top 12 free Shopify themes that can help you achieve the most success your eCommerce store deserves.

Top 12 Shopify Store Themes for eCommerce in 2024

The themes listed below will provide you with a good user interface and fast loading along with the combination of style, functionality, and flexibility.

1. Refresh:

The most popular free Shopify Store theme with a large number of features is Refresh. It enables your store with a wide range of powerful features that help you manage your eCommerce products effectively with minimal effort.

The sidebar menu helps customers easily search different collections, and categories and makes it easy to find the exact products they are looking to buy. The fully customizable slideshow offered by this theme helps to show or highlight the latest products, best sellers, and promotions that further increase the overall business sales volume.

2. Craft:

Craft theme provides a dynamic layout that is designed for Shopify Stores who are looking to showcase their large collection of products more effectively and encourage the customers to further browse via the product catalog effectively.

Craft theme also provides you with plenty of built-in features, like a mega menu, product badges, and social proof notifications.

3. Dawn:

Dawn Shopify Theme is also very popular among Shopify Stores as it’s very versatile and provides a lot of features. This makes it an ideal option for a wide range of eCommerce businesses. Dawn theme allows users to fully customize the eCommerce website’s look & feel to reflect its brand personality.

It also provides many options like playful, classic, and dynamic functionality. This theme is fully responsive.

4. Origin:

Origin is an affordable freemium Shopify theme in 2024 for brands looking to provide exceptional customer experience via different means.

This includes offering customizable sections for showing featured collections of products, customer testimonials, webpages, landing, and many other options. Origin provides fast loading times and a completely mobile-friendly design that looks customer-friendly on all devices.

5. Ride:

Ride is another popular Shopify theme for businesses that is designed with minimal simplicity and the latest framework. It is an ideal option for new eCommerce stores searching to make a good long-lasting impression on their customers.

It also provides multiple custom sections internally to showcase featured products, brand promotions, success stories, etc.

6. Sense:

Sense is another widely used Shopify store template that provides a clean and minimalist design to create and manage a fully functional eCommerce store with high security. This puts all the focus only on showing the right products to the customers using its internal algorithms.

It enables plenty of helpful customizable sections to show the latest published articles, customer testimonials, and featured sellers/products which allows businesses to deliver a fully personalized shipping experience journey for their customers.

7. Spotlight:

Spotlight theme provides several in-built storytelling options that help Shopify users to easily showcase their brand’s journey, and add more products in a visually appealing manner.

This free Shopify theme is designed and developed for a storytelling approach for eCommerce businesses, which makes it a perfect option for brands who are looking to engage their audience to create a connection at scale.

8. Colorblock

Colorblock theme allows you to present your brand and catalogs in a unique way. The layouts are design-centric and provide asymmetrical product grids and parallax vertical sliders which helps you level up your brand’s creative presentation and create a visually appealing store for your visitors.

9. Taste:

Taste is another widely used free theme for Shopify stores that provides a clean and minimalist design ideal for businesses looking to create an exceptional online presence. Taste is a clean and modern theme that’s perfect for stores that sell beauty products, cosmetics, or other visually appealing items.

10. Publisher

Publisher is an avant-garde theme that offers a bold and neomodern aesthetic to emphasize moody and progressive design with dark product imagery for artists and publishers. The theme supports a lightning-fast setup, making launching and configuring your store easier.

Moreover, it’s minimalist navigation provides contextual links to products and categories throughout the page.

11. Studio:

Studio is the 11th Shopify theme in this list that provides several customizable sections for showing highest highest-selling products, customer reviews, vouchers, and latest & popular blog posts and hence allows in creation of a dynamic and engaging shopping experience for the customers. Studio’s fast loading time and mobile-friendly design ensure your Shopify store looks great and performs well on mobile and desktop devices.

12. Crave:

Crave is the last theme for Shopify in this list that provides a perfect grid-style layout ideal for businesses looking to create a user-friendly and interactive store to sell products digitally. Crave theme provides numerous highly customizable sections and multiple screen layout options that give eCommerce owners the flexibility to increase their sales volume.


The world of E-commerce is fast-changing, dynamic, and continuously growing with new tools & trends coming regularly.

So, to have a user-friendly visual look and interface for any Shopify-powered online store is very important for its overall success.

With the availability of a large number of free Shopify themes, now you have many options to create a stunning online storefront that not only attracts customers but also improves the online shopping experience and customer journey

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