Shiprocket was established in 2017 and is integrated with a plethora of courier companies around the world. It is a well-known logistics aggregator that offers automation of orders and day-to-day operations, tracking, and much more from a single platform. The eCommerce shipping industry is growing rapidly, and various other companies are providing the same services as Shiprocket. Furthermore, D2C brands are always on the lookout for eCommerce shipping solutions who suit their requirements and are also within their budget. So, if you are one of these brands and are on a hunt for Shiprocket Alternatives, then check out our list right away!

7 Shiprocket Alternatives in India(The #1 awaits in the End)

Here is the list of eCommerce shipping solutions that you can choose if you are searching for alternatives for Shiprocket. The list is arranged in descending order and the best 1 will be revealed in the end!

7. Silver Arrow Shipping

The last one on our list of Shiprocket alternatives is Silver Arrow shipping which came into existence in 2012 and is a well-known logistics aggregator that offers domestic and international services.


  • Integrated with 12+ courier partners and serves 26k+ pin codes
  • Uses radiofrequency technology for order-tracking systems and a smart recommendation engine for picking the right carriers
  • No minimum order policy and merchants can easily use its services for any number of orders.

6. iThink Logistics

Started in 2017, iThink logistics is a third-party logistics service provider that has gained a lot of fame in past years. Want to know how it is a Shiprocket competitor? Check out!


  • Integrated with 12+ courier partners and serves 26k+ Pincodes
  • Offers AI-Driven recommendation engine that enables effortless shipping
  • Provides NDR and RTOs management services
  • Merchants can use their real-time tracking update services and automated billing reconciliation system

5. eCourierz

Founded in 2015, eCourierz is a famed logistics aggregator and is another great Shiprocket alternative in India. This company is famous for its wide serviceability and an array of features that are useful for D2C brands.


  • Integrated with 18+ carrier partners for domestic and international shipping services. Also, integrated with marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and more
  • Offers personal dashboard to manage orders in one place
  • No limits on orders. Merchants can order any number of orders, no matter how the small order is.
  • Provides white-label services, order management, order tracking, and other services.

4. Shipyaari

Shipyaari is a reputed shipping aggregator and was started in 2013. This Shiprocket competitor automates all shipping-related processes and is preferred by a lot of D2C brands.


  • Integrated with 10+ carrier partners and serves 25k + pin codes
  • Provides hyperlocal delivery services
  • Offers seamless order fulfillment, storage, and distribution services
  • Provides tracking automation, NDR management, and analytics for monitoring shipments

3. Shipkaro

The next one on our list of Shiprocket alternatives is Shipkaro which was formed in 2017. This company provides logistics solutions by providing shipping aggregator services to eCommerce business owners.


  • Integrated with 14+ carriers and selling channels like Flipkart and Shopify.
  • Offers global shipping solutions as they are integrated with international logistics partners
  • Offers automatic allocation of orders without manual intervention
  • Lets merchants compare the prices of various shipping partners

2. NimbusPost

The second one on our list of Shiprocket alternatives is Nimbus Post. This tech-enabled shipping logistics provider was founded in 2018 and offers domestic and international shipping services to all D2C brands.eatures-

  • Integrated with 15+ courier partners and selling channels like Shopify, Magento, and more.
  • Offers warehouse and fulfillment services.
  • Is a fully-integrated cross-border logistics platform
  • Provides AI-driven order allocation system and plug-and-play API integration for automated shipment management.

1. Shipway- #1 Shiprocket Alternative

Founded in 2015, Shipway is an All-in-one eCommerce shipping logistics platform that is known for its exceptional AI-powered shipping solutions. It is one of the best Shiprocket alternatives in India and aims to make the shipping process seamless with its vast array of services.


    • Offers end-to-end automation for order fulfillment processes like assigning orders by creating customizable rules(according to SKUs, weight, etc.), label generation, carrier allocation, and more.
    • Provides COD fraud detection and prevention services. Moreover, with Shipway you can get rid of the COD order phishing scam that is affecting a lot of brands. It helps in hiding customer data and limiting access to sub-accounts.
    • Allows merchants to bring in their own carrier partner or choose from the 7+ carrier partners that they have integrated. Furthermore, it is integrated with major eCommerce channels like Shopify, and Woo-commerce. Therefore, the options they provide make them the best Shiprocket alternatives.
    • Offers Early COD Remittance through which brands can receive COD remittance in d+2, D+3 or D+4 days. By activating Early COD, merchants can easily maintain cash flow and stock up new inventory, leading to more profits and less pressure. 
    • Has an effective RTO suite through which you can reduce up to 55% RTOs. This suite gets you Proactive communications during and after delivery, COD fraud detection, automated COD orders & address confirmation.
    • Provides AI-powered returns management that includes branded tracking pages, options for showing the different or the same variation of exchange products, several payment gateways for processing refunds, and more.
    • Offers NDR management that will help you figure out the reasons behind non-delivery reports. Furthermore, Shipway- the #1 Shiprocket alternative also offers Automated NDR Follow-ups for rescheduling delivery through which customers can change the date and address.
    • Shipway Protect is a must-try feature with which you can safeguard your orders and save pennies on lost orders by insuring your orders.

8 Tips to Find Shiprocket Alternative

Choosing the right eCommerce shipping solution is crucial for online success. Consider these tips for the ideal Shiprocket competitors that suit your business goals and customer needs. 

1. Serviceability & Carrier Integration

  • Choose a software with broad serviceability and carrier integration.
  • Ensure it grows with your business in various regions.

2. Access Lower Shipping Rates

  • Pick a platform using smart engines for cost-effective carrier choices. Moreover, if you are a small business, then you should opt for an affordable eCommerce shipping solution.

3. Delivery Speeds

  • Opt for alternatives integrated with express couriers for speedy deliveries.
  • Keep customers happy with swift delivery choices.

4. Order Tracking System

  • While looking for  Shiprocket competitors confirm real-time order visibility with an efficient tracking system.
  • Look for dual API integrations for seamless tracking.
  • Check for COD order confirmation WhatsApp automation feature.

5. NDR Management

  • Choose software with proactive communication to manage Non-Delivery Reports.
  • Ensure quick resolutions for failed deliveries.
  • Check for NDR WhatsApp Automation feature

6. Tackling RTO Percentage

  • Select platforms equipped for multiple delivery attempts for Return to Origin scenarios. Furthermore, you should go for an eCommerce shipping platform that offers real-time tracking, proactive communication and Whatsapp automation for reducing rtos.

7. Remittance Cycle

  • Another tip that you should keep in mind while selecting the right Shiprocket competitors is related to Earl COD remittance. Opt for a platform with a shorter remittance cycle as it will save you time and money & will help you in avoiding stock runouts.

8. Insurance

  • Prioritize platforms offering shipping insurance for customer confidence. You should opt for one which is especially important for high-value items.

Final Takeaway-

Today, the eCommerce shipping market is brimming with logistics providers. And, if you want the best ones apart from Shiprocket, then we have already given you a detailed list. So, go through our list and go make the most of it for achieving your business goals in 2024!

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