Did you know that 55% of customers shop from and remember the brands that use messaging apps?

Yes, it is true. It is quite important to interact with your customers through messaging apps. And, one of the most used platforms for marketing nowadays is WhatsApp as it can get you around 99% open rates. Therefore, using WhatsApp marketing apps is considered a bulletproof strategy to form strong relationships with your customers and promote your brand. 

If you agree with us, then it is time for you to take a stroll through our list of the best WhatsApp marketing apps in India! Scroll down and know more!

1. The Convert Way

The Convert Way is one of the most famous WhatsApp marketing apps in India. It is a user engagement and re-marketing platform that enables D2C brands to get the best open rates and increase conversions.


  • Helps in dealing with abandoned cart recovery and offers personalized message templates that have various formats like offering coupons, discounts, and more.
  • Enhances subscriber growth and has proven pre-configured campaign playbooks.
  • Has pre-approved templates for promoting a campaign through broadcasting
  • Offers 2-way conversations through which you can engage customers and increase conversion
  • Provides win-back flows that will help in re-engaging old customers and converting them into loyal customers
  • Offers automated review and feedback reminders and flows.
  • You can use its powerful analytics reports to know about the performance of your current campaigns and plan new ones accordingly. 


  • Only available for Shopify users

Pricing for the Convert Way-

  • Free Plan
  • Premium Plan- $29/month
  • Growth Plan- $99/month
  • Enterprise Plan- $399/month

2. Wati

The next WhatsApp marketing tool on our list is Wati. It is a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider that will help you in reaching out to customers for campaigns, repurchases, and more.


  • Built on WhatsApp APIs
  • Integrated with ZOHO, Google sheets, Chrome, Shopify
  • Offer automation of Abandoned cart recovery notifications
  • Has personalized promotional templates
  • Let’s brands Initiate re-engagement campaigns to win back old customers


  • Customer care doesn’t respond on time and is only available by mail

Pricing for Wati-

  • $4.99/month

3. DelightChat

Get ready to grow your brand and revenue with Delightchat– the best WhatsApp marketing software in India. From abandoned cart recovery to WhatsApp broadcasting, you can do it all with this app.


  • Respond to customer queries from a single screen
  • Provides automation of Abandoned cart recovery notifications
  • Offers personalized WhatsApp broadcast messages option
  • Integrates with WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Email, and more


  • Only available for Shopify users

Pricing for DelightChat

  • Startup- $49/month
  • Scale- $99/month
  • Growth- $299/month

4. Gallabox

Gallabox is a well-known WhatsApp marketing app that can grow your revenue through WhatsApp Business APIs, multi-agent shared inboxes and chatbots.


  • Allows brands to send customized notifications through WhatsApp
  • You can recover abandoned carts by sending WhatsApp notifications through this app
  • Offers Cross-sell notification templates to target customers 
  • Provides templates for promoting a campaign through broadcasting


  • Chat analytics can be better with information on more metrics

Pricing for Gallabox

  • Growth- $18/month
  • Scale- $27.5/month
  • Pro- $55.1/month

5. SuperLemon

SuperLemon is a WhatsApp plugin for Shopify stores. This WhatsApp marketing app in India is used by a lot of D2C brands for increasing their conversion rates and forming better relationships with customers.


  • Create your own message templates for sending WhatsApp notification
  • Allows brands to send broadcast messages for promoting campaigns
  • Offers brands to send template-based abandoned cart recovery messages 
  • Automate customer support queries with chatbots


  • Delayed customer support responses

Pricing for SuperLemon

  • Free
  • Growth- $15/month
  • Engage- $25/month

6. QuickReply

QuickReply is a famous WhatsApp marketing app in India that helps eCommerce brands to create broadcast lists and send WhatsApp notifications related to the latest campaigns and products.


  • Offers Personalized Bulk Messaging on WhatsApp
  • Helps in Recovering Abandoned Carts 
  • Brands can Win-Back Customers by sending campaign notifications
  • Integrates with Shopify, WooCommerce, and more


  • Doesn’t provide advanced analytics of campaigns and products

Pricing for QuickReply

  • Starter- $35/month
  • Standard- $80/month
  • Plus-$199/month

Final Takeaway

WhatsApp marketing can accelerate your conversion rates and improve the customer lifetime value(CLV). Hence, all eCommerce brands should opt for this strategy and use any of the above-listed WhatsApp marketing apps in India right away!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which are the best WhatsApp marketing software in India?

Some of the best WhatsApp marketing software in India are the Convert Way, Wati, Gallabox, and more.

Q. Which is the most used WhatsApp marketing app by Shopify users?

The most used WhatsApp marketing app by Shopify users is the Convert Way as it offers quick automation of notifications and personalized templates for campaign promotion and abandoned cart recovery & a lot of other services.

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