Alert! A new scam is out there!
It will make you lose all the revenue that you may have generated on COD orders and will impact your brand image in a big way!

What is COD order phishing scam? Let us give you a glimpse-
Today, scammers can get your customer data through various loopholes:

  • They may buy it from your employees
  • Get access to your admin panel or order processing panels
  • Get it from exposed order data from order tracking/status pages

After gaining the data, the scammers then deliver a parcel with fake products that have your branding or in most cases, they just add stones/vegetables, fake products in the box to make it seem heavy. Furthermore, they even collect the payment. Here, the customer thinks that they received the original order, but clearly, it isn’t.

Isn’t it threatening?

According to the 2022 data, almost 15% of COD orders were affected by this phishing scam which made famous brands lose profits as well as customers’ trust. So, what is the solution for targeting the data breach from all sides and completely eradicating it? For this, you ought to know about the loopholes in detail.

Let us take you through them and even give you the most suitable solutions!

Reasons for COD Orders Phishing Scam & the Solution- Shipway Protect

1) Data Breach by Employees

What is it- Nowadays, scammers plant a person as your employee or crack a deal with your current employee. The employee leaks the customer data to the scammers.

What happens Next- The swindlers now have the customer’s details as well as order details.

There are three scenarios that take place-

a) Delivery of Fake Products with your Branding

The data breachers deliver fake products with your branding and take the COD order payment into their account. In this case, the customers believe that they have received the original products that will be of low quality. This will directly affect your brand image and lead to negative reviews.

As it is you lost the profits that you may have earned from the order. Now, you may lose the current customers as well as the potential customers that may read the negative product review.

b) Delivery of Fake Parcel

The next case is where the swindlers will deliver a fake parcel that may have vegetables or stones. The parcel will look exactly like the original as it has a proper shipping label with the customer’s details. This will spoil your brand image along with making you lose profits.

c) Fake Calls & Links

Another type of scam that is going around these days is that the fraudsters take the customer details and call them. Now, the swindlers call and deceive them by telling them that they may choose any product for free as they are lucky customers.
Once the customer chooses one of the products, swindlers send a link on their mobile. As soon as the customer opens the link, all the payment details, topics and other details(passwords, address, etc.) will become accessible to the scammers. In short, this will make the customer think that your brand can’t be trusted.

How can Shipway Protect help you-
Shipway Protect offers features through which you can-

  • Provide Limited-only access to Sub-user accounts
  • Hide-end Customer Contact Information
  • Activate OTP verification for accessing the dashboard or the order details

Result- These features will limit the access of employees that may leak the order or customer’s details.

2) Data Leaked by Order Management & Tracking Pages

Here data can be leaked in two ways-

a) Not Creating Strong Passwords for Order Management Panels

One of the biggest mistakes that you may be doing is that you are creating less secure passwords for admin dashboards or order processing panels. This results in scammers getting easy access to these panels. Hence, they can use the details for scamming the customer.

b) Easily Accessible Tracking Pages

Another common practice is that brands create order tracking or returns tracking pages that are easily accessible to everyone. The fraudsters can easily access all details and may deliver fake products.

How Shipway Protect can help you-
In the first case If the password strength is not strong or it’s without 2-factor authentication it can be easily hacked. Shipway Protect helps you with this. You can now create a two-step authentication login process for your panels and dashboards.

And, for the second case, you can create order or return tracking pages that come with two-factor authentication. Therefore, whoever wants to access the tracking page needs to enter an OTP that is sent to the customer’s registered mobile number.

Result- No more COD frauds can occur now as you are protected end-to-end with Shipway’s order lookup two-factor authentication.

3) Data Leaked through Saved Payment Methods(Refund Cases)

If the customer has raised a refund request and you have to credit the amount in their bank account, you obviously will save the customer’s payment details.
Now, the swindlers may get the details. Either they will change the payment details so that the refund can get credited to their account or may just steal it for deceiving the customer in future. Whether it is the former or the latter, it will make you or your customer lose money.

How Shipway Protect can Help you-
Shipway has created a special feature for getting rid of this issue. Now, whoever wants access to the payment details needs to go through OTP authentication. You can just add your desired mobile number, and the OTP will only be sent to it. This

Result- The fraudsters can’t log in to your payment processing section without the OTP, and the COD order phishing scam can be prevented.

Final Takeaway-

You can’t stop scammers from attempting a scam. But, with Shipway protection you can strengthen your data security and prevent any breach that might happen in the future. Overall, this will enhance your customer retention rate and profits. Additionally, it will also help you build customer trust and loyalty. Isn’t it? Get a personalised demo and eliminate all your COD order scam miseries!

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