In 2022, 66% of brands improved their post-purchase customer experience by investing in a good reverse logistics provider.

And, why did this happen?

Before answering the above question, let’s acquaint you with the term Reverse logistics.

What is reverse logistics- Reverse logistics is a critical part of the supply chain, and it involves everything from product returns and repairs to recycling and disposal.

Therefore, by using a reliable and technically advanced reverse logistics provider, eCommerce brands provided hassle-free returns, repairs, and more to their customers. And, you can do so too. Scroll down and know all about why eCommerce brands need Reverse Logistics and in the end, we have covered the best reverse logistics provider for you!

Why eCommerce Brands need Reverse Logistics?

We have mentioned below the most valid three reasons that will answer the above question!

1. Enhances Customer Experience

Today, post-purchase customer experience is extremely important. And, our first reason revolves around the effect of having an efficient reverse logistics system and managing returns/exchange.

a) Streamlines the Returns Process

Provide a hassle-free returns experience and let your customers easily return products that they don’t like. 

b) Makes the Exchange Process Easier

With an efficient reverse logistics platform, you can offer your customers the option to exchange the product with a different variant, in a different color or size.

2. Drives Customer Retention

Catching the eye of a customer is one thing and retaining them is another. Reverse logistics can help you do so. How?

For example- 

You can easily re-attempt pickups for all orders that were not delivered because of the wrong address, wrong product, or damaged goods. Similarly, providing a hassle-free returns/exchange process will make customers trust you and repeat purchases.

3. Improves Brand Image

Reverse logistics can be a powerful tool to improve brand image by demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction. Here are a few ways-

a) Return Policy

Brands that have a return policy and offer 30 days or 15 days returns become popular amongst customers as they are more likely to order from a brand that has a flexible returns policy.

b) The Perfect Marketing Technique

New customers will go for a brand that is known for its seamless reverse logistics process. So, leverage reverse logistics and market it in a way that catches your customer’s attention. 

c) Communicate your Commitment to Sustainability

 Reverse logistics can be used to reduce waste and minimise the environmental impact of your operations. Make sure to communicate these efforts to customers and stakeholders, as this can help to enhance your brand image.

Final Takeaway 

Now, that you are acquainted with the reasons, you must be convinced that you need a reverse logistics provider. Don’t worry! We have the perfect solution for you- Shipway’s Reverse Logistics.

Why should you Choose Shipway’s Reverse logistics?

  • Reach to 21k+ pin codes
  • Reduce RTOs by up to 15% by automating returns
  • Offer a seamless exchange process and increase profits
  • Increase Customer Retention Rate by 25% through an exceptional post-purchase experience
  • Use Returns & NDR cases automation to drive sales
  • Avoid “Out of Stock” cases due to inventory getting stuck or damaged

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What is Reverse Logistics?

A. Reverse logistics refers to the process of managing the movement of products or materials from the point of consumption back to the point of origin for the purpose of recapturing value or proper disposal.

Q. Does Shipway provide return/exchange automation?

Yes, Shipway provides return/exchange automation. Click here to know more.

Q. Which is the best reverse logistics provider in India?

A. Shipway is the best reverse logistics provider in India as it provides serviceability to 21k+ pin codes, an amazing return/exchange process, and a lot more. 


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