What is NDR?

A Non Delivery Report or NDR is a detailed status of your orders which could not be delivered and the reason for their non-delivery. With the help of this report, you can take action for the non-delivered orders. To process the UNDELIVERED order you need to respond to the NDR with 2 options:

  • Re-Attempt
  • RTO(Return to Origin)

With the recent updates, the process has become automated and even faster, which reduces the RTO percentage.

Introducing NDR(Non-Delivery Report) Management by Ezyslips.

To make this task easier for you, we have come up with an advanced NDR management panel that will record every action at every point and maintain proper communication between you and your courier partner.

Here is a deep understanding of the NDR panel and its functioning.

Login to Ezyslips -> NDR Management

In this tab, you can see the undelivered order marked by courier partners but haven’t been assigned for further action.

There you can take two actions : Re-attempt request or RTO request.

Five information you can see in the NDR Panel:

1. Tracking info : Tracking information with shipment status

2. Reasons : Undelivered order reasons

3. Customer Response: It shows whether the delivery has been reattempted, requested for RTO or no action has been taken with the complete history.

4. Attempts: It shows the number of attempts have taken to deliver the order before the RTO status.

5. Actions: This field provides two actions: Re-attempt request and RTO Request, that can be taken against your NDR order.

How Ezyslips automates the undelivered orders?

Once the order has been marked undelivered by the courier partner, the particular order lands to the NDR management panel.

Therefore an automated SMS directly triggered to the client, allowing them to take actions for these following reasons.

  • Consignee Unavailable
  • COD Payment Not Ready
  • Deliver exception
  • Incorrect address
  • Delivery Attempted-Premises Closed
  • Others
  • Request for re-attempt

Let’s check how your buyer will see the notification:

What happens after the customer receives the SMS?

Ezyslips send an SMS asking the customer to take action against the order and once the action has been taken by the customer, it automatically updates in the NDR management panel under the customer response tab as Re-attempt with a history of reasons. Along with that, you can see the no. of attempts has taken against the order.


What happens if the customer doesn’t take any action?

If the customer doesn’t take any action to the particular SMS, there is an option in the Ezyslips NDR management panel under the Action Tab to mark it RTO or Reattempt request manually.

How to Check the RTO or Delivered orders?

Once the order has been Delivered or Returned to the origin (RTO), you can see the details under the RTO/Delivered Tab.

If it is RTO, You can check the Reason, the number of attempts taken to deliver, etc.

Interested in reducing RTO percentage