Congrats! So, you have finally decided to give SMS marketing apps a try! It is a brilliant idea as according to a study text messages can get you 98% open rates. Therefore, putting your time and resources into SMS marketing can help you in promoting your products & campaigns properly and increase your overall conversion rates and revenue.

Now, let us straightaway head to what you were looking for- the best SMS marketing apps in India for your Shopify store! We have curated a list of the apps for sms marketing that helped a lot of popular D2C brands in reaching out to their customers and accelerating profits! Take a look!

1. The Convert Way

The first and most famous SMS marketing app in India is The Convert Way. This SMS marketing Solution offers a plethora of features that will improve your conversion rates in an instant. 


  • Is a powerful solution through which you can focus on abandoned cart recovery, broadcasting, remarketing, conversations, & review, and feedback.
  • Integrated with Aftership, Shipway, Judgeme, and more
  • Provides access to more than 5 languages
  • Offers Chat widget and support
  • Allows customer segmentation and has pre-approved templates
  • Has detailed reports to measure campaign performances.
  • Pricing


  • Doesn’t offer integrations in a free trial

Prices of The Convert Way

The Convert Way offers two plans:

  • Free
  • The premium plan costs $29.

2. SMS Bump

SMS Bump is the next one on our list of apps for sms marketing in India. This SMS marketing and automation app can assist you in growing your SMS subscribers, sending conversion texts to customers, and more.


  • Offers Preapproved SMS templates
  • Merchants can combine Email & SMS automation 
  • A/B test option is available
  •  Provides eCommerce events calendar through which you can stay updated about upcoming events and prepare for sales and promotions


  • Common SMS templates
  • Delayed Customer Care Responses

Prices of SMS Bump

SMS Bump offers three plans

  • The ‘Growth’ plan costs $19
  • the ‘Prime’ plan costs $59
  • the ‘PowerHouse’ plan costs $199

3. Klaviyo

Known as the best email and SMS unified customer platform, Klaviyo can boost your eCommerce revenue. This growth marketing platform lets you own your customer interactions and data.


  • Provides you an insight into customer interaction like a reason for clicks, the motivation behind purchasing, and more
  • Offers automated personalized communications
  • Suggest in-time recommendations to customers
  • Provides detailed reports for campaign performance


  • Complex setup 
  • Ordinary SMS Templates

Prices of Klaviyo

Klaviyo offers 2 plans:

  •  The ‘Email’ plan costs $20
  • the ‘SMS’ plan costs $5.

4. Cartloop

Cartloop provides a fully-managed SMS marketing service to D2C brands. It is popular among Shopify users because it offers a 2-way conversation option with which you can build personal connections with clients.


  • Offers a live chat agent that interacts with the customers and influences their purchase decision
  • Allows integrations with CartHook, Zipify, ReCharge, and more
  • Free trial available
  • Offer abandoned cart recovery


  • Too many pop-ups can annoy customers
  • The live chat team sometimes doesn’t reply on time

Prices of Cartloop

Cartloop has three options:

  • The Growth plan costs $99/mo
  • The ‘Pro’ plan costs $299/mo
  • The ‘Enterprise’ plan costs $999. 

5. Privy

Privy is another well-known SMS Marketing app in India. It is famed for growing Shopify users’ SMS lists and improving conversion rates by sending conversion-focused text messages and e-mails. 


  • Update customers about after-signup texts, cart recovery texts, and campaign-related texts
  • Provides Popup and email marketing services
  • Will help in increasing the subscriber list


The Pop-ups become annoying sometimes

Prices of Privy

  • Privy offers three plans:
  •  The ‘Starter’ plan costs $15
  • the ‘Growth’ plan costs $45
  • the ‘Conversion’ plan costs $70

6. AllMySMS

The last SMS marketing automation solution will let you reach several operators around the world. Yes, we are referring to AllMySMS which is one of the most powerful SMS marketing apps in India, as it has multiple communication features.


  • This app for SMS marketing in India gives you access to Numerous Operators
  • Free trial available for all users
  • Affordable for new D2C brands
  • Offers Automated group message system 


  • Not suitable for medium and large eCommerce brands
  • Ordinary website interface

Prices of AllMySMS

AllMySMS only charges for sent messages. The charges per message range from €0.042 to €1.

Final Takeaway

SMS marketing has innumerable benefits for all D2C brands. The above-listed SMS marketing apps in India can make you run successful campaigns that will lead to huge profits. Hope our list has ended your search and given you the perfect SMS marketing solution for an eCommerce brand.

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