Gone are the days when eCommerce brands wasted time in manually processing orders and managing deliveries. Today, it is the era of automation, and hence, they prefer using a shipping automation provider, be it for order management or tracking orders and notifying customers.

While there are plenty of shipping automation providers, Shipway and Shiprocket are the most preferred ones. But, which one should you actually choose as both have exceptional features?

To help you in solving your dilemma, we have curated a blog that will make your decision about which one to choose between Shipway and Shiprocket easier. Take a look!

Why Shipway is the #1 Shiprocket Alternative

1) Choose your own Carrier or Shipway’s Carrier Aggregators

Shipway allows merchants to choose from the 7+ pre-negotiated Shipway’s carrier partners or bring in their own carrier partner as they are already pre-integrated with 45+ carriers. On the contrary, with Shiprocket you can only choose the carrier partners that the company has integrated. Clearly, Shipway provides more flexible options.

Bonus Features-

a) You can measure carrier performance with advanced Analytical Reports

b) Shipway is also deeply integrated with major eCommerce channels like Shopify, and Woo-commerce.

2) Create Customizable Carrier-assign Rules based on Zone, Weight, SKUs & More

Shipway is mostly preferred because of its incredible courier-assigning options like the Cheapest couriers selection, Auto-assign couriers, and the newly launched Auto-pilot option. All D2C brands can now easily auto-assign orders or use Auto-pilot and create custom rules on the basis of weight, value, zone, SKUs, and more.

The former and the latter simplify the carrier assigning part which is one of the most important steps of order processing. You can choose Shipway over Shiprocket as only Shipway offers carrier-assigning rule creation based on weight, SKUs, invoices, etc. Moreover, you can also generate thousands of shipping labels and invoices in a few clicks.

3) Unified Branded Tracking Page

In today’s world, customers love to be updated about the product. The simple message that says ‘your order is shipped’ entices them. The lack of updates leads to order cancellations and negatively affects the brand’s image. Hence, eCommerce brands always want to rely on a shipping solution that offers order tracking and real-time notifications.

Though Shipway and Shiprocket both offer the same, check out the below points that make merchants choose Shipway!

a) Shipway can help you increase customer loyalty as with it you can keep your customer updated about the order. Shipway has loads of pre-approved templates through which you can update the customer and keep their interest. Furthermore, you can track your orders, download invoices, re-schedule deliveries, and raise queries directly from the page.

b) Till now, merchants have sent around 500mn+ notifications and tracked 200k+ daily shipments through Shipway’s tracking and notification solution.

c) Merchants can also reduce WISMO(where is my order) queries and reduce customer service traffic through the track and notify solution.

d) Shipway’s branded tracking and notification pages lead to customers recalling the brand and offering the brand an opportunity to promote or cross-sell its products. This leads to brand awareness as well as builds a positive brand image.

All in all, Merchants prefer Shipway’s tracking and notification solution over Shiprockets as it is easy to use and has a lot of unique features.

4) Hassle-free Return Automation Process

According to the data, at least 30% of the online purchased products are returned by customers. The reasons may vary. But, 92% of Shopify customers are ready to exchange the product if the return process is smooth.

Therefore, having a return process automation solution is extremely important for all eCommerce brands as it helps in increasing conversion rates, profits & Customer’s Lifetime Value. When it comes to providing instant refunds, Shipway is integrated with Cashfree and Razor pay which enables us to provide various refund options(transfer to original payment account, gift cards, store credit and more)

The Dealbreaker: Shipway takes the lead here as Shiprocket doesn’t provide a returns automation solution.

Now, won’t you like to convert your refunds to exchanges with an automation solution and earn profit?

We bet it’s a yes and so, check out the outstanding features of Shipway Returns Automation-

a) Enhance brand recall value by engaging customers through a branded returns page.

b) Send returns order tracking and notifications to customers.

c) Provide customers with one-click exchange options on the return panel. You can show different products or similar in different sizes or colours as per the customer’s reason for return( size issues, need a different colour or design, etc.

d) Enable returns window period according to your return policy

e) API integration with major carriers for reverse pick-ups. Moreover, you can request quality checks at the doorstep for all returns requested.

f) You can even send gift cards for the variants that are out of stock.

Shipway’s return automation has a lot of other benefits and you can easily make your customers happier and at the same time earn profits through it.

5) Affordable Prices

At Shipway, merchants can easily avail of Shipway solutions at affordable prices. Furthermore, the company provides a lot of discounts and offers on occasions that make the pricing cheaper.

6) Exceptional Customer Experience

Shipway’s core aim is to focus on customer experience. You can easily create a connection with your customers and keep them happy with our services like personalised tracking and notification updates, an easy return process and more.

Along with the logistic solution, Shipway’s SMS & Whatsapp Marketing Tool will make customers connect with your brand more. Thus, enhance your customer experience by shipping seamlessly with Shipway.

7) AI-powered NDR Management

Get ready to reduce your RTO percentage up to 12% via non-delivery follow-ups & NDR management solutions. Shipway and Shiprocket both provide NDR management solutions. But, the below pointers put Shipway in the limelight-

a) Merchants get a multi-functional dashboard to manage undelivered orders.

b) They can easily send automated non-delivery follow-ups for undelivered orders through Whatsapp and SMS.

c) Shipway’s NDR management solution auto-syncs all the undelivered orders and re-attempt requests and allows the brands to accept/decline the requests.

d) Merchants can take re-attempt requests through SMS, Email, and WhatsApp notification. Additionally, the customers can easily choose a date and time, and the whole process will reduce the RTO rate by up to 5%.

Ain’t the above pointers compelling? Now, you know why Shipway is better.

8. Automated Order Fulfillment

While searching for an eCommerce Shipping Solution, 94% of brands choose the one that has a hassle-free order assigning and fulfillment process. From allocating the order to the most suitable carrier partner to printing shipping labels, Shipway does it all.

Shipway can also help you detect Fraud COD orders through AI-powered systems and mark orders as high and medium-risk orders. and convert them into verified orders through IVR calls, and WhatsApp & SMS order confirmation messages.

This feature helps brands to reduce their RTOs by up to 25%. Isn’t reducing eCommerce RTOs one of your requirements as you are on the hunt for a shipping solution provider?

9. Easy-to-Use Interface

Shipway has the most user-friendly interface through which you can easily manage your orders, invoices, shipments, NDR cases, and more. Our multi-functional dashboard also helps you in creating splendid branded pages that will entice your customers and enhance your brand recall value.

Shipway VS Shiprocket: Comparison at a Glance


Shipway and Shiprocket are both leaders in the shipping industry. Moreover, you will find a lot of other shipping automation providers in the market. In the end, you need to decide which one meets your business goals. And, if you are already impressed by Shipway’s solutions, then you are already on the path to better customer experience, increased profits, lesser RTO rates, and an overall increase in brand awareness.


Do Shiprocket and Shipway offer a Return automation solution?
Yes, Shipway provides return automation solutions to D2C brands. On the other hand, Shiprocket doesn’t have any solution for automating the return process.

Does Shipway provide COD Fraud prevention?
Yes, Shipway provides merchants COD fraud prevention solution that reduces RTOs and saves to and fro shipping charges. To know more you can get a personalised consultation from experts.

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