Integrate Wix eCommerce Store with Shipway

Learn how you can integrate your Wix eCommerce store with Shipway for smooth order processing, order management, tracking, notifications and last-mile delivery to improve your customer experience.

Steps to integrate your Wix eCommerce Store?

Make sure you are logged in to your shipway’s merchant panel

1. Log in to your Wix account on

2. Open a new tab and visit (
Click on start now

3. Click on start building

4. Click on OAuth

5. Add the following URL in the redirect URL and app URL and click on save

6. Click on permission and click on add permissions

7. Select “Wix stores”

8. Select all the permission and click on save

9. Click on test your app and click on app market

10. A popup will open (you will be shown either of the below popups)

– Select Wix stores and click on create site

Or, Click on the test app

11. Click on add to site

12. Your website would be listed

Click on select against the desired website

13. You will be redirected to’s Wix integration page

Here please enter:
– Store title (anything as per your convince)
– Store URL (your wix website url)
– Token (field will be auto populated)
– App Id and App secrete (you will get this from  ->  select the app  ->  go to
Oauth and copy the App id and App secrete)

Click on save settings

The page will be refreshed and Auth code, refresh token and access token fields will be auto populated.
Please click on save settings again and now you can sync WIX orders on’s panel.

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