When we talk about the biggest gap in eCommerce logistics it is the fast delivery which is always a concern, either same day or next day. Although set by big eCommerce players like Amazon, Myntra delivery within 2-days of placing orders is most preferred by the consumers of eCommerce.

With an open online market in tier 3&4 cities, the brands need to grow their logistics to fulfill these orders by extending their shipping arm to the wide range of pin codes in India. 

Logistics can be improved in pin codes of these cities by providing warehouses and by keeping stock in the fulfillment centers in the nearby areas so that the orders must get delivered on time.

Why are aggregators the future of eCommerce logistics?

Partnering with a logistics aggregator will get many carrier service providers in one place, which is easier for brands to manage their on-time order fulfillment.

When the order volume increases with time, the brands need some source to rely upon that can seamlessly manage the shipping activities.

  • Time-saving in the fast-growing eCommerce industry
  • Provides better customer service
  • Increases customer satisfaction and retention

Advantages of a carrier aggregator

Apart from being the convenient choice, carrier aggregators have many other benefits for the rising eCommerce brands. Logistics wasn’t this easy before, but when you get multiple advantages with a single partnership, it is definitely fruitful in the future. 

  • Easy Carrier Selection
  • Pre-negotiated Costs 
  • Wide Reach
  • Easy Order Management

Top 10 eCommerce aggregators in India

1. Shiprocket

Shiprocket is one of the largest and leading eCommerce Shipping Solution Powering 1 Lac+ Online Sellers with a 3.8-star Shopify rating and 412 reviews.

Reviews by customers indicate that its tracking platform enables ease of operations with an exhaustive list of parameters for analysis. ShipRocket provides customers with 3 payment plans depending on its serviceability, marketplace integrations, and support required. The most popular amongst them is the Professional plan that offers multiple marketplace integrations as well as international shipping.

Pin Code Serviceability: 27000+

Number of Courier Partners: 17

Custom Tracking Page: Yes

2. Pickrr

Pickrr by Pickrr Technologies Private Limited is an all-in-one Intelligent Shipping Solution with a 3.6-star Shopify rating and 28 reviews.

Currently, Pickrr is one of the popular logistics providers in the e-Commerce industry. They gained popularity for their specialty to provide fast delivery to even the most remote locations in India.

They offer discounted rates based on the order volume being handled per month. It is a free-to-install app with integrations available on Shopify, Unicommerce, Magento, and a few other major marketplaces.

Pin Code Serviceability: 27000+

Number of Courier Partners: 10

Custom Tracking Page: No

3. Shyplite

Shyplite is an efficient shipping aggregation that provides a single dashboard for all your shipping needs with a 4.3-star Shopify rating and 61 reviews. They provide their services at relatively low prices and are often lauded by customers for their extremely receptive and effective customer support team. With Shyplite, the shipment is charged per order based on factors like shipment size, weight, and delivery location.

Pin Code Serviceability: 26000+

Number of Courier Partners: 16+

Custom Tracking Page: Yes

4. Shipway

Shipway is an all-in-one shipping app for eCommerce businesses with a 4.9-star Shopify rating and 438 reviews. Shipway is best-known for its shipping automation services in the post-purchase section of eCommerce recently tried its hand in logistics and has gained much popularity for its reasonable pricing and easy-to-use dashboard.

They have become a big name amongst eCommerce sellers with their well-equipped tracking and efficient communication with the customer support team, despite having made multiple modes of communication like via SMS, email, and WhatsApp.

They are offering free to install as their starting plan for logistics as well as other services of eCommerce automation.

Pin Code Serviceability: 15000+

Number of Courier Partners: 5+

Custom Tracking Page: Yes

5. iThink Logistics

iThink Logistics is one the leading E-commerce shipping solution in India with a 5-star Shopify rating and 119 reviews. Their logistics services are extremely liked by eCommerce brands and have grown their reputation from delivering orders in a timely manner.

iThink Logistics as a shipping aggregator does not have any minimum order volume requirement, it charges for each shipment based on certain parameters, instead of charging monthly costs. They also provide NDR management for regular updates and reports on undelivered orders with their free-to-install Shopify app.

Pin Code Serviceability: 26000+

Number of Courier Partners: 10

Custom Tracking Page: Yes

6. ShipKaro

Shipkaro is one of the top shipping aggregators used for last-mile delivery. The software offers extremely reasonable rates for bulk orders and drop shipping. It offers services to some of the largest delivery partners all over India and the world.

While their basic plan is free, it does not allow for bulk order uploads or any analytic reports, and also limits the number of carriers you can use for shipments.

Pin Code Serviceability: 20000+

Number of Courier Partners: 13

Custom Tracking Page: No

7. Nimbuspost

Nimbustpost is one of the reliable sources of logistics partners for eCommerce businesses that offer quick and hassle-free shipping. Catering to more than 10k orders per day across 27000+ pin codes in India, they are trusted by 3k+ eCommerce brands.

They are offering a tension-free business with their CORE, Courier Recommendation Engine. A feature that chooses the right shipment partner by analyzing your delivery location, based on filters such as delivery time, return rate, pick-up success, etc. making their platform efficient, reliable, and hassle-free.

Pin Code Serviceability: 27000+

Number of Courier Partners: 15+

Custom Tracking Page: Yes

8. ShipYaari

ShipYaari is yet another major carrier aggregator for eCommerce shipping that gained customer popularity as it takes care in terms of trust and customer loyalty. Another aspect is that they are well equipped to handle large volumes of orders at competitive prices. ShipYaari offers fast delivery alongside COD as well as express COD shipping services.

They are integrated with many online marketplaces, including Amazon, Shopify, Magento, and Woo-Commerce offering an advanced and a pro plan which gives access to all range of their services.

Pin Code Serviceability: 25000+

Number of Courier Partners: ~7

Custom Tracking Page: No

9. E-Courierz eCommerce 

E-Courierz eCommerce is a multi-carrier shipping solution that helps eCommerce sellers with Domestic & International Shipping. It is one of the top-rated shipping aggregators in India that has been operating for half a decade. 

With the shipping coverage of a wide pin code range, they are maintaining their service relatively efficiently with the best prices in the market, alongside comprehensive safety standards.

Pin Code Serviceability: 21000+

Number of Courier Partners: 20

Custom Tracking page: No

10. Vamaship

Vamaship by BVC Tradeport Pvt Ltd is a One Stop Shipping Solution for all Ecommerce Needs with a 3.4-star Shopify rating and 21 reviews.

Vamaship is the last courier aggregator on this list, providing easy access to courier partners with a wide pin-code reach, through quick and inexpensive onboarding.

Vamaship as an eCommerce logistics aggregator handles both forward and reverse logistics, offering a special service of QC (quality check) for returning orders to ensure the correct and undamaged item. They provide website integrations with 4 major e-commerce CMS, including Shopify and Magento.

Pin Code Serviceability: 27000+

Number of Courier Partners: ~10

Custom Tracking Page: No

Wrapping Up

With the increased ease of online shopping, people in India from tier 3&4 cities are also active in ordering their everyday stuff online.

To pull off the logistics game, the most advisable for eCommerce companies is to tying up with logistics aggregators instead of partnering with individual carrier partners.

A logistics aggregator not only allows eCommerce businesses to tie up with multiple shipping/carrier companies quickly under a single platform but with minimum effort, pre-negotiated prices, and a wide pin code range for shipping.

Allowing eCommerce brands to focus their time and efforts on successful deliveries to their customers in a short span of time, is a necessity for any successful e-commerce business, rather than losing time and effort in independently integrating with carrier partners.