Let’s be real! As an eCommerce business, your ecommerce shipping strategy is the key factor that will impact your sales, profit, and growth directly. So, not underestimating the role and power of eCommerce delivery partners, you need a best eCommerce shipping solution that helps you to easily manage the shipping operations.

To measure your eCommerce success you need to know your brand’s customer satisfaction rate that is fulfilled in two major ways first via product quality and second via services (pre-purchase & post-purchase i.e., purchase journey of the customer). And for post-purchase experience, no customers compromise on late order delivery. 

Customers won’t prefer your brand if their orders are always arriving late from your side!

To achieve on-time orders delivered, you need to keep an eye on the ecommerce logistics and shipping operations, and this can be done with an eCommerce delivery solution.

Discussing it in detail, we’ll start from,

What is eCommerce shipping?

E-commerce delivery is straightly referred to as transport services of online purchased products from the seller to the customer’s destination.

Why is an eCommerce shipping solution important?

An eCommerce shipping solution provides you an automated way to manage your order fulfillment, logistics, and shipping operations.

Implementing the right eCommerce shipping solution, you can make your order fulfillment process simple and cost-effective to achieve faster deliveries and delighting customers.

In this fast paced world, 92% of customers give preference to the brands/sellers who are able to provide same-day or next-day delivery. For them, their shopping experience majorly depends on how fast they receive their order.

Amazon, Flipkart, like big names in eCommerce, have raised the bar for other D2C eCommerce brands by providing their customers with free-of-cost same-day and next-day delivery, raising the customers’ expectations of free and faster deliveries from the brands themselves.

If we follow the statistics too, according to the data of Statista, the majority of 63% of customers abandon their online shopping carts due to the cost of shipping, and the other 36% of customers abandon their shopping carts as the order would take a long time for delivery.

Making customers happy throughout their shopping journey might not be easy but meeting their expectations for fast delivery is!

The primary function of a shipping solution for eCommerce is to automate all your fulfillment operations and manage the logistics, shipping, and e com shipping solution tracking in an easier and faster way. Eliminating all the manual work for you, the shipping solution organizes the order processing workflow. 

The advanced eCommerce shipping strategy will also make other activities simple for you such as generating shipping labels, GST invoicing, order packaging, ecommerce delivery tracking etc. With a few clicks, you can print, attach labels to the package and your package is ready to be dispatched.

What are the benefits of an eCommerce shipping solution?

It’s easy to read that how the software works but understanding how that software will benefit your business is important.

Similarly, here are the benefits that you’ll receive after implementing a eCommerce delivery service

Automated shipping process:

With an automated shipping process, you get full control over shipping operations. The automated system will keep you updated about all the information such as inventory levels, order tracking numbers, courier reports,  order delivery reports, etc.

An automated shipping system helps you extract all the manual processes reducing the stress of human error and increasing the efficiency of fulfillment operations. 

With a good eCommerce shipping solution onboard you can easily import and export files, confirm/cancel orders, update on inventory status, select courier, etc., increasing your overall efficiency and making the delivery process much faster.

Sales channels integration:

Any best eCommerce shipping solution will get the purchased orders automatically synced from your sales channel (anywhere you sell) to start further fulfillment operations.

The system will be integrated with all the sales channels you sell on and the order will sync directly to the shipping software so that you can process these orders, provide tracking numbers and order status to your customers, all in real-time. 

The accurate and real-time data flow is very important and beneficial for any eCommerce seller.

Save time and money:

Mostly, shipping solution providers are connected to multiple courier partners and hence offer discounted shipping rates enabling you to speed up your delivery services and reach more customers.

Now, you can sell to more customers as your ecommerce delivery reach has increased by using an automated shipping solution.

Making the order delivery easier, faster, and cost-effective!

Non-delivery reports:

Being a new-age online seller, you would be understanding the pain of non-delivered orders and turning them to RTO, the loss is huge.

No one can stop the non-delivery of orders or you cannot compel your customer to receive the order but a best eCommerce shipping solution will help you with the ways you can reduce the chances of non-delivery, making your orders successfully delivered.

The automated system will generate a detailed report on delivered and undelivered orders with their reasons and which courier partner was responsible. So, it will be easier for you to take any action on the same.

Return management:

As an eCommerce seller, the most difficult part to handle is order returns. An efficient eCom shipping solution will give you access to manage your returning orders as well.

With the system, you can generate return labels, schedule a reverse pick-up with/without quality check, automated refunds, real-time updates on return status, etc. for your return orders.

The system will enable you to effectively manage your return orders and make your customers’ shopping journey remarkable.

Wrapping Up 

Having an e-commerce shipping automation solution included in your business operations from ecommerce delivery companies will assist you in many ways as discussed above, giving you many benefits in return. Such as,

  • Fast delivery
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Improved brand value
  • Increased sales and repeat purchase
  • Saved time and money